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Poems in Response to Peril

In the spring of 2022, Canadian poets Penn Kemp and Richard-Yves Sitoski co-edited Poems in Response to Peril, an anthology which brings together 61 poems by 48 of Canada’s most prominent poets in response to the current crisis in Ukraine and other perils afflicting our troubled times. The profits from the book amounted to $3000 and were donated to the Canada Ukraine Foundation to be applied to their Aid for Artists fund (see HERE for information).


Luminaries like Gary Barwin, George Elliott Clarke, Daphne Marlatt, Susan McCaslin and Goran Simić offer us passionate, often heartbreaking, poems invoking sunflowers and broken earth; intimacy and grief; falling bombs and the fragility of flesh; AK-47s and a bride’s bouquet. Gathering voices in the white heat of the moment, this anthology couldn’t be more timely or more necessary.

Thanks to your generosity, the book has sold out and the project is closed!


The war continues, however and so we recommend that you please visit the accompanying YouTube playlist HERE, featuring videos of poems featured in the anthology (accessible via QR codes in the book), as well as videos of poems prepared by other poets for this project.


Poems in Response to Peril: An Anthology in Support of Ukraine, edited by Penn Kemp and Richard-Yves Sitoski. (Pendas Productions/Laughing Raven Press, 2022, 121 pages) ISBN 978-1-927734-37-7

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